To the people who have stayed by my side this last decade

To the friends and my lovely cousins who have stayed by my side this last decade – thank you!

We‘ve worked through every storm that came our way. A lot of heart breaks, life crisis, bad days, unexpected deaths, broken career plans, sick days and so much more. 

And what ever happened we chose to hold each others hand when someone felt falling apart, we cried together even when we didn‘t fully understand.. and this is what makes us. This is true unconditional LOVE! 

How we met wasn‘t that dramatic or life changing I mean some are my sandbox friends, kindergarten fighters, choir friends, work mates or even seat neighbor in grade 1 or grade 9 etc. *laugh*  I feel blessed


For creating those memories, I wouldn’t want it the other way – we stay up late and talk about deep life decisions, adulthood, love, marriage, family, our different cultures or even my funny cooking skills (which haven‘t improved the last 20 years..) – we were hopeless and yet we knew.. we can go trough every storm because we have us.

I’m blessed to have souls like you around me. This bond will always hold.

With love Jashica


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