Day 6 – La Vanille Nature Park

Hi there, it’s the 10th of October 2018

See the video of my bestie in the morning. I was still in bed, trying to wake up & actually come to my senses lol. So hard these days to wake up ans be fit.

She’s such a morning person.

After breakfast and a little stroll where we took the picture below.

Went to La Vanille, an one hour & 30 minutes ride from our hotel. It’s an animal park with lots of crocodiles, lemurs and giant tortoises.

I just realize I have lots of firsts here in Mauritius. Read below what I did.

I always wantes to feed Turtles 😍 and I JUST did! So thankful for this experience. You could see me smile the whole day lol.

Happy Jashiiiii!!

The stroll through the park was nice, we saw lots of exotic animals and plants.

After that we ate lunch/ late lunch at the Crocodile Affime restaurant at the park itself. After lunch we stopped at a huge market. I bought two sarees 😍 a pink & orange one, very simple but so beautiful. I like these kind of sarees more than the worked ones. Will definitley wear it for the next occassion. I paid for both pieces 1200.- which is CHF 35.00, which is pretty good. I went down with the prize with the seller, and I knew if I asked more, he’d give in, but my heart was like, don’t do this 🙄 so I just let it be.

In the evening the hotel celebrated its 10 years with a cocktailparty. Lots of drinks, snacks and live perfomances.


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