Kosovo – for the first time

Even if we almost missed the flight on our way back, the pandemie was on it’s highest peak aka the second wave was already in Switzerland, rules were changing and got stricter day by day, restrictions of not going out, wearing masks everywhere etc. – the world stood still for me.. finally, for a little amount of time I could breath..

Few days before we flew to Prishtina, in Kosovo COVID-19 was on it’s highest Peak in Switzerland – the number of the infected people were rising up to 5’000 to 6’000, we were in between of an epidemic. Myself – haven’t had holidays for more than 10 months since I started my work as a Media Consultant, I loved it and literally forgot about holidays or even the work-balance in my hustle mood. I was in need of a break – from everything. Few days before the break, we – the girls, sat together and decided to just book spontaneously and to see if it’s possible to even go out of the country. And that dear readers is how my journey started with my motras (means sisters, in albanian language).

I got the chance to explore my best friends home country in 2020. When we were in our teenage we always imagined how amazing it would be to explore Kosovo together, she would show me her country, the food, the people and the traditions. And here we are ticking it off from our bucket list. (We were aware of following the rules, but who would’ve thought that we got to see Kosovo in 2020?! We didn’t even plan it for this year!) I got see her family, which I see as my second family, they showerd me with unconditional love, warmth and welcomed me with open arms. I felt home. It is true when people say that home is where the people are. Her relatives are from Peja and Klina. We stayed at the house in Budisalc, a beautiful little palace with an amazing backyard, peace and nature.

Read the next blog post of all my adventures, tradition, culture and my thoughts. After all you’ll get to see my travel video of Kosovo, on Youtube.

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xx your travel bee – Jashi


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