Day 8 – Catamaran

Breakfasttime, the plan after is, waiting at the pier where our privat speed boat driver is waiting for us.

It is about 2’700 RPs, which is around CHF 80.00 inclusive lunch, drinks ans guides.

The plan is to go to one of the island on the south west.

Illot Vacoas and Ile de passe, below you see the tiny little islands next to Mauritius.

I’m back in the hotel, OH MY GOD! This trip was truly the highlight of this Mauritian vacation! I loved it!

The weather was perfect, the whole trip with the speed boat was amazing! And mostly the guides were so good, they were in our age and we totally get along with everyone.

Below you see the pictures from today, we even stoppes at Ile aux cerfs!

I really recommend this Catamaran trip to everyone. You ont regrett it, it’s so worth the money!!

💕 Sadly this was the last trip of our vacation and we are going home tomorrow evening.

Tomorrows plan is just to relax at the beach in front of our Hotel Tropical Attitude and then check out and go to the airport.

Again a long flight with a stop in Istanbul. 09:30 AM I’m in Swiss again, see you then with the updates 💕

Thank you, for acompany me in Mauritius, hope you liked it as much as I did!

xoxo yours truly



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