TPE & SIN – here we come!!!

Ever since I first laid eyes on a photo of the Lantern Festival in Asia, many many years ago, it quickly imprinted on my bucket list.

How romantic would it be to sit under the night sky and release a lantern with a perfect wish written on it and watch it float away with thousand others, next to someone you love? 

My best friend and I were searching for the perfect spot to go, since our plan didn’t work out with South America, Brazil.

Suddenly she was like, let’s go to Asia! And I was in heaven lol, literally, since I love Asia. It’s like a dream came true, to travel in Asia with my bestie.

We researched a lot and decided for Taiwan & Singapore.
It’s monsoon time in Asia right now, but those two spots shoulnd’t get touched by it. We will see how that goes. Definitely we’ll make the best out of this and try to explore and see the hotspots and especially to understand the Taiwan-culture.

Everything is booked and planed – the next big struggle is to pack our luggages. This is going to be a mess, especially for me, since I’m at my mothers house in Bern for the last 2 weeks lol, and I have all my clothes in Zurich. Therefore, I’m going home tomorrow to Zurich, to pack and get ready for our flight, which is Thursday night.

I can’t wait to write about Taiwan, get all the vlogs uploaded and tell you guys about the country, the culture, food, drinks and so on. Especially I can’t wait to fly and explore a whole new country with my best friend.

Stay tuned and follow my Instagram profile or my blog to get all the updates.


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