Dolce Vita, in Milan

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Dolce Vita for a weekend?
YES PLEASE – Milan, in Italy is always the best idea to escape life and enjoy the italian saying „Dolce Vita“, the sweet life.

Friday lunch, after my Instagram post (a grandiose throwback of 2017 & 2018, where I travelled more than 40+ cities) I was thinking about how much I miss being active and especially how much I miss the experiencing of the new and exploring. I was whining to my co-workers, how much I miss it and how I wanted to go back to that life standard.

It didn’t take an hour and it was set, that I’m going to Milan, in Italy – just so enjoy the sweet life, explore this beautiful city and just be and relaxe.

This is how my spontaneous trip to Dolce Vita started.

Saturday early morning, 3.5 hours drive from Zurich to Milan, in Italy.
The landscape during the drive was amazing!! We took the San Bernardino Pass, since the radio was full of informations and announcements of how full the Gotthard tunnel is at the moment. Did you know?? The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel is in Switzerland, after almost two decades of construction work. The 57km (35-mile) twin-bore Gotthard base tunnel is providing a high-speed rail link under the Swiss Alps between northern and southern Europe.


I totally fell in love with the border of Switzerland and Italy (like every time).
During the drive I was thinking about my first time in Milan, that was exactly 8 years ago, I couldn’t remember a lot, but I knew how fascinated I was from the Dom and how I tried my first aperitif, Aperol Spritz, in Milan and I didn’t like the taste, it was too bitter for me, but I know how I tried it in Switzerland, years later and totally fell in love with it. Since then the Aperol Spritz became my all time favorite drink/ aperitif.

I stayed at the hotel Uptown Palace, which was near the Duomo, in Milan.
A 4* hotel with a great rating, the first time I stayed in an hotel which was outside of the city, that wasn’t the best idea and so inconvenient for a weekend, it took a lot of time to travel from A to B.

First thing I did after arriving – Check in at the hotel, shower, change clothes and then out to explore Milan. It only took us less than 7 minutes to walk from the hotel to the Duomo, and the centre. I was so happy to found that hotel, it makes things much much easier, especially in that warm weather.


The first thing you happen to see is the Milan Cathedral, at the Piazza del Duomo when you walk through the streets.

IMG_1995 Kopie

If you happen to be in the area in the afternoon, this is the place to be: Terrazza Aperol
it’s just next to the Dom, you can’t miss it. My favorite drink Aperol Spritz and such a breath taking view – the day in Milan couldn’t start better.
The entry fee was 15 Euro with the drink together, I think the price is fine for this amazing view and a drink of your choice.


look at this beautiful view…


Shopping is like heaven in Milano
If you know me well, you know how much I love Tezenis. I spent too much time and too much money in that heavenly blessed shop. *mic drop
Nothing more to say.


Dinner was at Ristorante Papà Francesco, also near the Dom. A sweet restaurant with the real Italian ambient. The main course was the speciality of the restaurant, which was made in front of us, Maccaroni with smoked bacon and cream sauce. They made the whole food literally in a cheese bowl (see the video). For that menu we took a wine bottle of Chianti Gallo Nero, delicious and matching to the main course.

All in all it was the perfect Italian dinner with delicious food and amazing red wine.
The staff was very friendly with their Italian charm – no other words could describe it better than a  P E R F E C T  evening.

After dinner stroll through the city, with all the light and a bunch of people on the street dancing to Italian music – like in the movies. A magical place in summer to be, that’s what I was thinking when I walked through the streets at night, while a warm breeze hugged me in its Italian dolce vita feeling.

Sunday is for relaxing and watching people while sipping my Aperol Spritz.
After Checking out of the hotel, the first thing to do was, to search a good place where we could see the Dom and the people. After few drinks it was time for lunch. I was craving for nothing else than a typical Italian lunch – Lasagne. Lunch at the Ristorante Il Mercato del Duomo, which is right to next to the Duomo and in front of the Terrazza Aperol.

After strolling around in the city we headed home, since the traffic is so bad from Milan to Zurich. We literally drove more than 5 hours. Again through the San Bernardino Pass, which was so exhausting, but totally worth the travel.

IMG_2069 Kopie.JPG

Hope you enjoyed my blog, I wish you a beautiful day.

The video from this weekend trip is on my Youtube Channel – I don’t have the best editing skills,
but I love to share it with you. 



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