Temples, Shrines and the Grand hotel

As the title of this post says, it’s all about temples, shrines and the fancy grand hotel. Our first day in Taiwan, we spent it with hardcore sight seeing and lots of bubble teas and snacks!

Did you know that bubble tea is originally from Taiwan? I didn’t realized that until I get there and every vendor was shouting it out.

Story time – you know how much I love history!

The first stop was The Confucius Temple, in the Datong district. We went with the metro to get there. It was very easy to find the way, if you are open to read a map. This Confucius temple was built in the Qing Era (the last imperial dynasty of China). I’m sure you know Confucius, he was a very famous Chinese philosopher and politician. His quotes are one of the deepest and truest.

The Dalongdong Baoan Temple, a beautiful and old temple with a huge history on its back.. was just across the street from the Confucius temple, and of course we had to visit that beautiful temple aswell!

Mesmerized by it’s detailed architecture I learned more about this temple, while talking to one man there. He poured out his knowledge about this temple and that was the moment, I realized how proud he is, to live in Taiwan! This temple was rebuilt by clan members, who immigrated to Taipei in the early 19th century and gave the temple the name Po-an. Originally this temple was built in 1742. Imagine this!!!

The Grand Hotel ***** – believe me… I’ve never seen something like this, on top of the mountain . It took my breath away, when I saw this hotel. Speechless and in disbelieve we managed to get out of the taxi and I know how we just stood there for minutes to impinge this moment.

National Revolutionary Martyrs‘ Shrine – The structure houses the spirit tablets of about 390,000 persons killed, among other engagements as crisis, war, revolution etc. We also saw how they do the guard change, which was very interesting to watch.

If you want to see how Taiwan is, watch my Youtube Video
by clicking >> here. <<

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