Torino in October

In a need of a small retreat, delicious pizza and sun the way lead to Torino, in Italy.

Enjoying the sun rays in Torino

Spending few days for a longer weekend there was amazing! Fully charged and back in Switzerland I thought of creating a blog post about Torino.

Torino is a simple and nice city with fascinating architecture. I loved the small details and took time to appreciate them. Definitely worth the neck pain afterwards with all the detail-gazing.

Hotel Diplomatic – I wasn’t that happy at all with the hotel, the reception was not friendly and super mean to each other, while customers were waiting at the desk. They evem first gave me the wrong hotel room card. When I opened the room, it was already occupied – a very strange and weird situation! So I had to went down to the reception again and tell them and first they were like „That can’t be!“ And after checking a few times they finally got the right hotel room card. The room was super cold and even after telling them twice to put the temperature up, they didn’t do it (and yes, I got a cough right now because of that, thanks for nothing.) The location (historical district) and breakfast was amazing! The city center was a few minutes away from the hotel which was comfortable to walk to.

Since I went with the car for the longer weekend I didn’t want to park outside. In search of an inside parkingspot, I found the station parking Porta Susa and Station Torino itself. Per day I payed 10 Euro – which is perfect!

Since Torino is famous for their work in Egypt, they have a big Egypt museum, which I had to visit during my stay in Torino. 15 Euro – a good price for a long stay in the museum.

Food and drinks were amazing and perfect as usual in Italy.

My favorite places which I would recommend you are definitely those:

1. Galleria San Federico

2. Piazza Carlo Alberto

3. Piazza San Carlo (amazing cafés and restaurants with delicious food, coffee and drinks. Near by there is the shopping mile)


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