Day 4 – Catamaran, Ile aux Cerfs

8th of October

Have you ever woke up and just thought, oh my godness, I’m in PARADISE?!!

That’s exactly what happened today.

We booked a free ride with a boat to Catamaran, Ile aux Cerfs. A little island near our hotel.

The sand was white, the water cristal clear and most important thing, the weather was beautiful!

The first thing I saw on the island was this beautiful view.

The boys came an hour later, since there wasn’t enough space on the boat.

We just chilled and enoyed the beautiful weather and the water.

Guess what, I even found a seastar. It was the first time eber holding one. I was so happy! My highlight so far.

The lunch was very simple but good! Pizza, fries and cocktails.


on appetit!

The little trip ended beautifully and we went to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We organised a decorated table & a Moët Champagne bottle for Gona, since her birthday is on the 9th of October.


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