Sipping the morning coffee overlooking the beautiful sparkling blue sea, the amazing view through picturesque villages with pastel facades – Positano it is.

It took me about 4 days to realise, that I’m fullfilling a dream I had for the past 7 years. Everytime I wanted to plan or book bad luck came along and destroyed my plans. But to be honest, I feel super blessed and happy I could enjoy Positano and the whole Amalfi coast with the right people. It couldn’t wish for a better holidays and an amazing friends group to share it with.

Let me tell you one thing; I will definitely go back to the Amalfi coast every year. That is already decided and I can’t wait to sip on my limoncello or Malfy gin with an amazing view.

I will glady share my list with you with my recommendation in Positano.
I really do have my favorite spots and YOU will love them too!!
Watch them also on my Instagram. Dreamy, beautiful and just magical!
But first there is something you need to know, before looking into the details of Positano.

One very important info you need to know before planning the trip. I wish I knew that before.
It is super hard to walk to the hill with the luggages, we paid someone 20 Euro for each bag to bring it to our hotel, which was on the highest point in Positano..
Trust me, you wont carry your luggages up there. Too many steps and curvey small lanes. At the port, there are few guys who will ask you where your luggages should transported to, tell them your name, the name of the hotel and give them the money. They have a small sized a carriage – and YES, they are 100% trustworthy and worth the money.
Even just walking up and down the hill is a real pain. The view is definitely worth it, but make sure to plan it carefully which hotel, restaurant or place you want to visit in Positano. There are cars and shuttles and taxis, but they are not driving you around from one point to another. You have to walk to the middle to get the taxi or even the bus.

Thank me later. Here comes my TOP 6!

  1. Palazzo Murat Hotel – if you want to feel like a queen, this is the place. This was my absolute favorite spot in Positano which I had to visit throughout my whole stay. (click here)
  2. Restaurant Adamo ed Eva by Hotel Eden Roc
  3. Rada Beach Bistrot
  4. Terrazza CELÉ
  5. Luna at Villa Magia
  6. Hotel Poseidon

Book the rooms or even the tables in advanced. For the hotel rooms I used booking.com which is super easy to use and for table reservations I found the app The Fork very helpful.


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