Located on the south western Italian coast and known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean it is the most important city near to the Amalfi coast, with the famous towns like Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and Sorrento.

Finally! I was counting the days, my first holiday this year, it was just an arm lenght away, Dolce Vita, buffalo cheese, Aperol Spritz, Gelati and nice weather. What does Jashica need more than the Italian vibes and good company to relaxe and enjoy life?! Exactly, more Aperol Spritz..

From the airport Napoli-Capodichino we took the local bus to get to the center of the city of Napoli. We stored our luggages at the train station, paid about 6 Euro for each suitcase for a few hours and started exploring Napoli city. In the evening we took the train to Salerno. We already have booked the train tickets online through Trenitalia. For a ride in 1st class, for two people, we paid 22 Euro. I recommend to book the tickets in advance for any public transportations to save time, money and especially to avoid surprises.

In Salerno we stayed 5 nights at the Montestella Hotel (click here to see which hotel). It is in the center of the heart in Salerno, you can reach it very easy from the harbor, train station and any bus station in the city.

Hotel Montestella was very clean, amazing with the location and the price. The breakfast was very Italian like, with fresh ingredients and lots of sweets. Everything was Covid-19 conform. Our room was very big and dreamy with an amazing view to the center with a tall palm tree in front of our window. A little happy place we found for our next few days and the adventure started with exploring the town. The streets were beautifully build, typical Italiy and the bars, cafes and restaurant on the street sides were inviting everyone with its positive and beautiful look, to visit and sit down for a minute, breath and enjoy a glas of Aperol Spritz or the traditional Limoncello.

Strolling through the streets and the little alleys, exploring different lanes, smelling the typical pizza dough after you ate a full plate of gnocci and seafood, watching the sea and how the sun sets slowly in orange-red beam, little kids running around at the beach and stumbling because of the warm sand under their feet – that for sure are moments of calmness for me. I just breathed in those moments and let out the negativity from the past year.

Salerno was good to catch a breath, calm down and realise that it’s holidays. The first few days I still was in my routine with the inner stress, but as the days went by I actually get used to the Italian Dolce Vita – which was amazing. I was so greatful that I could finally relaxe. That was much needed!

Here are my 3 reasons to stay in Salerno
– It is super easy to plan day trips to another places from Salerno with the bus, train, ferry or even the car or vespa
– Definitely much cheaper than Sorrento
– You reach Salerno very easy by the train from Napoli or Rome, it is on the main train line

Salerno was the best choice we could make, since we love to explore new places in different ways. From Salerno we travelled further with the ferry to different places along the Amalfi coast such as Cetara, Amalfi, Maiori and Minori. And of course there where more stops, I will write a blog post for every stop we did with pictures and recommendations, as promised! It was really convenient to stay in Salerno und plan all the other pit stops along the Amalfi coast. I would recommend staying in Salerno to 100%. Salerno itself has amazing places to discover aswell as the food and the people are amazing! Especially the people who worked at the restaurants or bars were very friendly and helpful and recommended lots of things to do. In the end we ended up having a huge list of things we couldn’t do, 2 weeks are not ENOUGH!!

More to xome in the next few weeks! xx much love, yours truly Jashi.


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