Naples! The city of the Mafia, the origin of Italian cuisine, and the place where people have lived for centuries with the threat of a natural disaster, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Napoli is not only a unique city on the surface – you can discover fascinating history with delicious food and drinks. I feel like there is a universe that goes from the greek foundations through the roman ruins and up to the modern day.

My suggestion, book an apartment or hotel in the city center and stroll around to explore. A weekend or 3 days is enough in my opinion. The weather in spring, summer and autumn is super warm to hot. Make sure to have on good shoes.
Just stroll around the city, explore the side ways, the castle and sit down at a cafe or bar and just enjoy an Aperol Spritz with a pizza slice of Napolis famous Margarita with buffalo mozzarella.


Ein Gedanke zu “Napoli

  1. This is very👍 nice 👌👌trip. Beautiful places 😘and photos.
    Add more and more photos.
    Thanku so much sharing Jashica.🥰


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