When in Verona part I

A beautiful and silent early morning, it’s 4 AM in the morning and I just have started the car to the long drive to Verona, on the 24th of January 2020. While driving on the highway, I could merely see the outlines of the big mountains of both sides, it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful car rides with an indescribable sunrise, I had in my life. My mind was blank and it was the first time after a very long time I didn’t think too much while driving. I just enjoyed the ride, the curves on the highway, the mountains and my favorite Italian movie soundtracks.

Arrived in Verona I already fell in love with the architecture, the old streets and the buildings (I fall in love with Italy every single time).

After breakfast at a typical little Italian cafè we made our way to our AirBnB.
It’s called Truly Verona which is 0.4 km from the city center, right near by, the best point to have the base to go from A to B. The apartment was huge, very clean and spacey, I’d recommend it. The price is perfect and affordable for 4 people in my opinion.
If you need any help for your next trip after COVID-19, message me!

After organizing everything in the apartment and having a little break from the long ride, we walked to the center.

Piazza della Erbe – beautiful city center with lots of market stands with flowers, souvenirs, wine to go (you heard it right!), cheese and meat for aperitif, everything a heart desires for dolce!! Yea, I totally found my little corner here.
Below you see how the famous city center looked like.


The next stop was Juliets House.
Even if it was full of people, I could feel the vibe, this place gave and I could see Romeo and Juliet walking around this place (even if that never happened here, read my previous blog post to know more about Romeo & Juliet and Shakespeare’s storytelling skills, which made Verona to a spot for couples).

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Late lunch and see yourself how happy we were to have Italian food lol and then we went for a stroll in the city.

“Le grandi cose non sono fatte d’impulso, ma attraverso una serie di piccole cose messe insieme.”

– Vincent Van Gogh

In the evening it was our turn – my cousin and I went out to explore Veronas beauty at night. Beautiful paths with evening lights, lots of people living the dolce vita, delicious pizza, amazing Aperols and Camparis AND Italian music everywhere.. *dream (take me back, NOW!!)

Part 2 follows in the next two days


*all pictures are taken by me





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