Datong District | Ningxia, in Taiwan

After a long flight with one stop in Hong Kong we finally reached Taoyuan (TPE), in Taiwan. My first impression? It was already dark at 5pm and tropical! Hard to breath, when you are not used to that kind of hot weather.

We flew with Swiss Air und changed to China airline in Hong Kong. The whole trip was about 17.5 hours with the transit. How we booked the whole trip? All by ourselves – we searched one full evening which airport would be the best and which part in Taiwan we wanted to discover and the rest is just going with the flow.

The first evening was just for unpacking the luggage, get fresh and then explore the district, where our hotel was. We stayed the whole Taiwan trip in at the Yi Su hotel and went from there to the spots.

Our District Datong was perfect!! Everything was near by. The night market Ningxia, Spa, Food corners, Metro etc.

After exploring our district, we went for an easy dinner, bought something to eat and sat in a park, near our hotel and ate.

This was so relaxing after such a long flight, we were totally worn out and tired. After the meal, enjoying the evening breeze and a small chit chat with a Korean buddy, we decided to head back to the hotel and sleep. Since the next few days will be very active, both were okay with just sleeping and relaxing.

Perfect start and evening in Taiwan.


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