Amalfi coast – Summer 2021

Located on the south western Italian coast and known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean.

I was living the Dolce Vita, in one of the dreamiest places in Europe for almost two weeks.
Italy is known as my favorite place in Europe and I couldn’t wish for a better start into my chapter 28# and another 365-days journey around the sun. I started this trip with my close friend Anna in Napoli and ended this trip with my whole crew in Positano. I can’t imagine a better adventure in between a pandemic – this is so ironically! I was planning to visit Positano for almost more than 5 years and due to work, people or complicated situations it never worked out. The more I’m thinking of why it never happened, the more I’m happy to have experienced it with the right people on my side and I had the chance to create beautiful memories for life, which I will always cherish and definitely look back with a big smile on my lips.

Napoli, Salerno, Cetara, Maiori, Amalfi. Ischia, Capri, Positano and Sorrento – with the train, the ferry, the bus and the car. Read in the following blog posts what and where we stayed, what I would personally recommend, what to eat and drink and how beautifully and dreamy the Amalfi coast really is. Let me take you to one of my favorite places in the world and trust me – this wasn’t the last time you saw me swimming or drinking Limoncello at the Amalfi coast.

While writing my first blog post of this year about travelling,
I feel incredibly blessed to have my close friends. The importance of a deep and caring friendship are not the objective things nor the money spent on each other but the feeling you get when you hug them or when you talk with them – there is this trust, which is so hard to find these days. I can proudy say that my people fill my life with so much joy, pride and happiness. I can’t imagine a life without you and I’m so happy we found each other early in life, that we can share every single step with each other and I can’t wait to grow old with you and think back of our amazing adventures and unforgettable memories, stupid decisions which led the whole group into danger (LOL thank me later) or just impulsive acts out of love.

You know who you are (wether you were with me in Positano or not, you were there in my heart) and you know that I love you very much. Thank you for being a part of my life, all the struggles, my ups and my downs, my success and my defeats. The world would be a miserable place without you – thank you for your presence in my little world and being the sunshine and the beautiful rainbows after the rain.

Find yourself a circle where you are cherished, welcomed and loved. Where honesty, pushing you to your limits and being family is normal. If you don’t feel like this with your close friends, are they even your real friends? Life is too short to please people – let go of negativity and start living NOW.

In love Jashica


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