Day 7 – Spa day & dinner date at Hotel Tropical Attitude

Good morning peeps!

We decided to stay at the hotel and to relax the day. It started with the alarm clock.. which we didn’t hear haha.

We actually slept in and nearly missed breakfast. But thank god they were so friendly to let us in and have a great meal.

After that we went in front of our rooms to the beach chairs and just laid down to absorb some sun.

At 2PM Gona & I booked a full body relaxing massage at the hotel. I just came back from the massage and let me tell you, it was AMAZING! I feel new and fresh.

04:07PM – We are now chilling on the bed, since it startes to rain and the wind is so strong.

But it doesn’t matter, we just had hot cup tea and some chocolates. Gona is watching her favorite serial „Me fal“ and I’m writing this post. Life is beautiful, I’m relaxed and so happy with the whole vacation.

Let me tell you in a few hours how our dinner tonight went. We are probably having some cocktails aswell.

Cocktail was good and the dinner was even better. Rice with several curries, yummy! I liked it a lot.


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