Day 5 – Hindu Temple & 7 coloured land


9. October 2018 || Happy Birthday my better half, my anchor, queen, best friend & sister.

Wish you only the best, love, health and lots of unexpected adventures and happiness! ❤️ You deserve the world and much more babe. I love you & I’m so glad we could travel together to Mauritius to celebrate your Birthday 😘😘 #bestfriend #birthdaygirl #mauritius

The day started with lots of laughter and surprises. We booked a driver for a whole day again to explore the temple, market and the 7 coloured land.

Firat stop was the market. I fell in love with all the varieties of exotic fruits, but what I bought were 4 mangos lol.

The next stop was the hindu temple. I expected a tanil hindu temple, but unfortunately it wasn’t the one I wanted to go, but will definitley go the other day. This temple was beautiful, especially with the mist and the giant statues.

I was more than happy Gona got the blessings on her birthday 🙂 made me more than happy!

Sad part was, it was the coldest day in our vacation, it rained, was misty and windy.

After we visites the temple, our next destination was the 7 coloured land & it’s waterfalls.

Dinner – celebrating the birthday of my better half


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