In the old Greek mythology, Sorrento was home to the sirens, who lured sailors onto the rocks with their beautiful singing. And Sorrento still lures visitors in today with its panoramic views, freshly caught local seafood and limoncello tasting and fantastic atmosphere.

mystical Sorrento

I liked Sorrento on my first visit, it was a 1/2 day trip with the girls with the bus from Positano but totally worth it. It’s known as the famous holiday destination on the Neapolitan Riviera next to Salerno, and that means it’s touristic.

What I love to do, when I don’t have a day or two, to explore a city, I stroll around and get lost in the old town and the side streets. This way you explore and experience a city to it fullest with the cafes, bars, restaurants and amazing sights. We even found cute little shops with unique accessories and souvenirs.


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