Verona – History time*

Another post from my road trip in January. I’m going to divide the posts into 2 blog posts which contains history and sightseeing. I’m so happy I can write about this without stress and take my time, since you all know the situation in Switzerland with the COVID-19 and quarantine, social distancing and home office. It’s a good thing to just slow down and enjoy being at home with beloved ones and feel life again, that we actually didn’t need a lot, but a good environment, respect, understanding and love.

I’ll update you after my Verona and Amsterdam blog post, about how things go/ went in Switzerland with COVID-19. Depends on how long it’s going to take. A lot of cities are deserted and then obviously there are people who wont accept the lockdown or any rules. Let me update you when I have enough facts what’s actually going on in our little country – since it’s very assorted.

Let’s start with a little history about Verona

  • In the Middle Ages Verona became independent while fighting with the Lombard city league against the German emperor. Under the rule of the Scala family Verona became one of the most powerful cities in northern Italy.
  • (I think in the early 1400- not 100% sure about this fact..)
    Under the rule of Venice, Verona experienced another golden age, resulting in many significant buildings, palaces and works of art.
  • In 1796 Napoleon and his army took possession of Verona, and in the course of the Napoleonic war Verona finally became a part of Austria in 1815.
  • During the First World War Verona was a supply centre for supplying the Italian troops in the Alps, which fought in costly battles against Austria

Story time, do you know the story of Romeo & Juliet?

Verona is also know because of Romeo & Juliet. One of the best known and most tragic love stories, that of Romeo and Juliet, is set in medieval Verona. Although William Shakespeare, who wrote the story in 1597, never went to Verona himself.

He gave Verona a legacy with that story  –  that can be perceived throughout the city till today.

Romeo & Juliet is know as one of the most known love stories in the world literature.
Romeo and Juliet  indulge in their love. Both come from two different families, the Capulets and the Montagues, who are sworn enemies. So they decide to keep their love secret and married without the consent of their families. When the parents urge Juliet to get marry, she asks the father who married her and Romeo again for help. He gives her a sleeping potion that should fake her death. He explains his plan to Romeo in a letter, which never reaches him. Upset over the death of his beloved Juliet, Romeo returns to Verona and takes his own life at the open coffin of Juliet. Shortly after, Juliet wakes up from her sleep, sees what has happened and also takes her life. The two families recognize what they have done and reconcile at the grave of their children.

Let’s end this history lesson with Jashi for now. In the next post you’ll see what we ate, saw and enjoyed in Verona. Make sure to follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my website, to get all the updates.

Be safe, stay warm and keep smiling.
xx yours truly, Jashi