Milano 3/22

Spring in Milano is like falling in love again!
Beautiful weather, amazing food, great and stylish people everywhere. My heart skipped a beat, when I saw all the people with an amazing sense of style.

My best friend and I went to Milano. Friday evening with the train. 3 hours from Bern and you are there to enjoy an unforgettable weekend with lots of delicious food, great drinks and spring weather – to get a little tan.

We stayed at the Enjoy Duomo – Baracchini 9 – which was 500 meters away from the Duomo. A great location to discover the lively and beautiful city.

Always a pleasure. I lost the counts on how many times I went to Milano just to eat and buy clothes. I just LOVE IT.

My work collegue Nina recommended a beautiful restautant, 11 minutes from the city center by walk. Which was an amazing experience for the mouth and tummy. We both took the 5 course menu which is called “Viaggio in Sicilia” – which means
„Journey to Sicily“. The name of the restaurant is: Terrammare. You can book your table online via The Fork App or Google reservations.

Nothing more to say than – enjoy a spring weekend in Milano and do something good for your soul. Get some sunrays and feel happy. You deserve it.


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