Alba Festival


Lovely people, I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you already know that I LOVE Albanian music.

Story time about my best friend and me:

I grew up with a  lot of Albanian friends, which became family and as you already figured my best friend is also from Kosovo, don’t ask me how long I know her, it’s been too long and we make it very simple by saying we know each other our life long
(which is true, we grew up in a little village, far from the city, so everyone knows each other). I’m truly blessed to have such a powerful and beautiful woman next to my side, especially after all these years, all these experiences and adventures and now the distance and still nothing has changed between us.

We have our life’s, have our jobs, dreams and we still manage to keep each other updated and talk every day. Mostly through Whats App and Instagram because it’s easier to communicate for us both. So yea, nothing has changed since I moved out between us, we see each other unfortunately only once in a month or twice because of the distance, which was so hard in the beginning. Normally we saw each other every day or every second day and every weekend was fully booked with our plans. And when I moved out, I felt like running back to my old life, broken and so lost, but sometimes we have to makes choices, which hurt and which has a huge impact in our lives but in the end it’s totally worth it. She was one of the few who always stood behind me and supported be from the beginning. She never said don’t go, we won’t see each other or don’t go it’s not the right way for you. She was the one who told me to follow my dreams and whatever comes she’ll be by my side – like always, since childhood.

We against the world – and always together. And now you understand when I tell you she’s more than a best friend, she’s like a sister to me, my family. We even act as sisters and people know and feel that the bond is real.

I’m truly looking forward to our next steps in life, individually. It’s not always marriage and having kids, but to be honest, I can’t wait to hold my best friends little baby in the future and tell that little baby all the adventures his/her mom and I had together, shower that little kid with LOVE, presents and wise words until it says „Aunty Jashi, please enough, I’ve heard this for the 100th time..“.
I think it’s normal to have those little hopes and dreams, when you have a best friend since you can think, it’s the most natural thing to do and I can’t wait for those days.
But until that day, we’ll get to travel a lot, experience new countries and cities together, learn a lot from each other, have more than one crisis together and the most important thing live life to the fullest.


Ok, finish with my emotional story, let’s go back to the Alba Festival.

My best friend was telling me in the beginning of the year how excited she is for this festival, it’s the first one in Switzerland and the biggest in Europe and I was like, sounds great, book it, let’s have fun and experience that.
That was also our first festival together, and we totally love it! We can’t wait for the next ones.

We bought a two-day pass and trust us when we tell you, we don’t regret it at all and it’s more worth it if you buy a two-day pass. I’d do it again and can’t wait for next year, waiting patiently for the updates.

I was so excited, I know how it is in the Albanian circle, since I went to Albanian clubs and parties with my friends, but a festival? That’s a new level!!!

My girls came afternoon to Zurich, parked their car at my home and we chilled a bit at home, before leaving to the festival, which was in the heart of Zurich, Hardturm area. We took the Uber, since it’s easier to go with the car than with the bus and train. By the way it’s a great location for such festivals and events.

Oh before I tell you who the line ups were, I need to confess something.
Since a teenager, I got a crush on ERMAL FEJZULLAHU and the song E shkuar e harruar
If you want to listent to that song, click and enjoy!
I now the complete lyrics and totally feel it even after 10 years *laugh* My best friend knows that and she totally got me when she told me he’s one of the line ups.

Click here to see the line ups for Saturday and Sunday.

My experience from the whole festival

I LOVED IT!! I can’t wait for 2020 to visit this festival, again with my best friends and the sisters and I hope to see other ethnicities as well, since it was an amazing experience for me, as someone not from Albania or Kosovo. You just get to the festival and feel all the positive vibes – which I totally felt.

That’s what people do who love you.
They put their arms around you and love you for who you are and celebrate life.

Whitagram-Image 2

About my outfit:

Day 1 – my white flowy dress, I got it from

Day 2 – the top is from and the skirt is from a local Italian store, in Sardinia.

Join us next time.

My Video from the Alba festival will be uploaded soon – my favorite moments and how I felt my favorite song from Ermal lol.

ENJOY and write a feedback.


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