When I saw Pompeii for the first time, my heart skipped fast, I couldn’t believe I actually managed to get there and to see it myself and learn about the history.

During grade 3 or 4 we learned so much about Pompeii and its story. Since then I wished to see the ruins with my own eyes and to soak into the history and atmosphere. I always felt a strong connection to the Italian history, since the Roman and Greek mythology was one of my favorite topics to speak and learn about.

Pompeii is an experience for itself, under the shadow of Vesuvius (an active volcano) you will be transported back into this lost world, where modern life is forgotten. As soon as I stepped into Pompeii’s ruins, I felt nostalgic. That feeling was something I didn’t experienced often and here it was. In this huge space of lost lifes, history and tragic events, you can still feel the Roman age. Walking down the long streets, shopping at the local market, visiting the bath houses and reading about the ruins gives you a shiver. A must when you love history!

The ancient city is bigger than anything I knew. If you stroll off the main paths you come across fascinating sights. I found the ancient Forum very fascinating – which was the centre of city in Pompeii and also home to the Basilica, seats of the court of justice and centre of the economy.
The temples, the Capitolinum, dedicated to Jupiter, and the Tempio di Apollo, dedicated to Apollo are all near by. From there the streets lead to such as the Macellum, the fish and meat market, the Vespasian Temple, the Thermal baths and the brothel which is the red light district.

I will definitely go back to Napoli, to visit the mount Vesuvius and hopefully to continue this series of Napoli. xx


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