Day 1 + 2 – Here we come Mauritius!

Good morning lovely souls

I finally got time to write about my beautiful trip in Mauritius.

5th of October – I went for work in the early morning till my frienda came to pick me up.

We flew through Istanbul, with a 6 hour stop there. It was a long stay, since we couldn’t go out to explore the city. We tried to make the best out of the time.

Zurich – Istanbul – Mauritius

All in all it was a 23 hour trip to get to paradise.

6th of October

We arrived afternoon in Mauritius and had a 1 hour drive to our hotel.

We are staying at the Hotel Tropical Attitude. This hotel literally spoils their guests. More in the following posts. As soon as we checked in, they gave us a small explanation about the hotel and the islans, showed us everything important in the hotel and the room.

We organised everything and went for a stroll. Trust me when I tell you this is the most beautiful island I’ve been before next to Sri Lanka.

The water ia so clear, the wind is calm and the people from Mauritius are angels!

ince we booked breakfast & dinner for the following 7 days, we took our dinner after having a delicious cocktail and after dinner we went out for exploring night life in Mauritius.

Our first stop was Grand Bay, Banana bar, there was live music, good vibes and amazing drinks!!

The second stop was at omg – club.

African & latin beats, we just love it!

The whole drive took us 45 minutes & we had a driver who was there driving and waiting for us to bring us back to the hotel. He was very talk active, which was perfecty, he told us the stories about nightlife and the streets in Mauritius.


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