2019 – you were intense, in a positive and ridiculous way

A decade is going to end, just like that. It feels like it was yesterday.. but those last 10 years were insane! 2010 I started to take a step further to my dreams and here I am, 10 years later. More mature, with learned lessons, a calm mind and a lot of knowledge to use in the next coming decade. Years went by too fast but I’m so happy to say that I didn’t lost myself in those years and kept a promise I made to my younger self – to run after my dreams.

I normally never say that a year was intense, since I think every year has to be intense.. but this year, just had me like a dandelion, I found myself swirling in a thunder – that would describe the last 12 months perfectly.

This whole year has been perfect and tragic at the same. One line would be totally relaxing and full of new chances and the other line was like a thunder, a ship wreck sinking in the depth of the ocean. Without any concern I’ve found myself in the biggest twist plot ever, from one month to another.

There were times I would ask myself is that really okay, to be in pain to get where I believe I belong to and pursue the life I want? But then again, why am I asking myself such things?? I mean, everything is fine, I have everything and I‘m on my path, I chose for myself and nothing can stop me. But trust me.. I know better now than anyone else, that my body was totally damaged after months of not taking care of it and just living day by day without looking what I eat, what I drink and no care of having a healthy sleeping schedule. I lived with 4-5 hours of sleep every night, just to not miss anything in life. But we only have those 24 hours and I had to cut out things and prioritize to get back to normal.

And that was a damaged roller coaster ride. When I thought I finally climbed the top of the mountain, the bottom underneath me disappeared.
The storm came and dragged me down, where I started. But this tought me to see the whole picture and not just the next few steps in front of me! Lesson learned.

My Friends & Family. ❤
I always see them as my biggest blessing. They have always been my supportive backbone & I know I can rellly on them whenever.

And to my new friends who came into my life in this year, I’m thankful for you and those funny circumstances, who led our paths to cross. Cherishing every moment. You know who you are 🙂

If I could give my younger self an advice, it would just be this:

Make sure to smile more often and enjoy the little things – these are the things you will remember in a few years when telling someone about the past or people.

Enjoy the moments with beloved ones, ask questions, try to understand and not just to listen and to respond. Try to grow with the people in your enviroment. You constantly learn and grow through those moments and situations, make the best of it and live in the presence.

It’s scary to write these days, but if not today, then when? If not now, it wont be tomorrow either – I know that for sure.

Don‘t be scared of people judging, if they do, feel sorry for them and step further. You do this for you, to grow and to think out of the box. Just write, you have nothing to lose and this is something that keeps you alive.

Thank you for reading.

I’m closing this chapter of 2019 for now and I’ll be back with some road trip blog posts around Europe, after the second week of the new year and some work updates in the fashion industry.

Be safe, keep yourself warm and enjoy the start into a new year with lots of love, warm hugs, delicious food and wine.

Cheers to new opportunities, new adventures and growth.

Your Jashica, xx


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