Explore small districts in one day to save time in Singapore

I‘d suggest to explore the streets/ districts like Arab street, Haji lane, little India & China town in one day, once you saw it, you‘d maybe just go back to taste one or two snacks from those districts and have it ticked off on your bucket list.

We did Arab street, Haji lane & China town at once & went to little India another day.
But it‘s the best if you do them together, in my opinion, to save a lot of time & focus on other attractions in Singapore.

IMG_4880 2

Arab street is known for the big Mosque and their delicious food. You have plenty of choices. Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish etc. whatever your heart desires. Middle eastern cafes and restaurants, one better than the other and so hard to chose!
Definitely a spot for shopping, culture and food! 


Haji lane it’s known as Singapore hippest neighborhood, located near Arab street.
It’s a street full of mixed cafes, restaurant and bars. Street music, tattoo studios and a lot of shops are the sprinkles on the ice cream! We tried out the Blue Jaz café and Piedra Negra a Mexican restaurant – trust me, delicious and the prices were amazing compared to the Marina Bay. Give it a shot, you wont regret it!!

Haji Lane is in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood of Singapore. You

Little India I got nostalgic when I took the first step into that little corner. It even smelled like in India! The busy streets are filled with malls, jewellery stores, tailor shops and of course an hindu temple.


China town I felt like I was just catapulted 100 years back into old China. The music, the street decorations, the vibe just everything. My bestie and me were captured in a tea shop, we spent almost 1 hour in it lol. Tea pot it is – I love tea, tea cups and tea pots.



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