Diary entry for *Roo Rada

Oh my little fur bundle of joy 🐶

It‘s been more than a month you blessed me with your little active prensence. In that time I lost my sleep, my patient and called you a monster when you started to bite me & the wood furnitures – the LOVE is real.

In that month you also teached me what unconditional loyalit and love is. Those nights where you slept in front of my door just because you heared a voice, a strange sound or even a fox/ cat outside. Or when people approached me in the evening night when we went for a small walk, you would portect me in your own way, the one you know. You make my heart melt with those actions and I can‘t say it enough, I love you little fur monster.

You have no idea how much your presence means to me. You gave me something the day I signed the contract to be your mommy. I’ve lost that feeling long ago, the feeling of sparkles and fire within me. To laugh at small things and just be happy in the nature. Now I know, it was just dimmed a little and I‘m happy you showed me that it’s still there.

Thanking the universe for this!

I‘ve always wanted to adopt a puppy since I‘m a little girl & I just had to look in your eyes, fell in love, adopted you & brought you home and here you are – my bundle of joy, my *Roo Rada.

I knew from the beginning this is not going to be an easy job to raise you properly and give all my attention to you, since you experienced a lot of pain and a lot of madness at a young age. But I‘m glad I found you and did everything I could to get you to Switzerland and save you from evilness. Let‘s go in our own pace and try to do our best. You are such an amazing and clever puppy, I know we will make the best out of it and learn together.

Welcome to our family little cupcake, let‘s live all the adventures which are awaiting for us in the future! I can‘t wait to sit on the top of a mountain and see a sunset with you on a casual evening, star gazing, swim in the lake, have long walks in the forest and especially shower you with all my love.

Let‘s rock this adventure together 🐶👩🏽 and good luck with my dancing sessions early in the morning or my sleepy face at 5AM! 😂❤️


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