Prague No. #3

„Prague is the Paris of the 90’s“ – Marion Ross

The Czech name Praha comes from an old Slavic word, práh, which means „ford“ or „rapid“, referring to the city’s origin at a crossing point of the Vltava river.

Here I’m again in Prague – for the third time – and to be honest, I loved it this time. I went to visit my cousin Thuvi, which is on a semester stay in Prague for 6 months. Unfortunately we met late in life, that’s why we try to keep the contact and communication alive, as much as possible. We are more than happy to met during our late 20s than much much later in life such as 80 (oh my, we would’ve missed out so many fun things!)

Long story short about my third trip to Prague:
The first time my whole clutch, with ma wallet, the money (we won at the Casino) and my passport – let’s say it short and painful: my whole life got stolen, because of some stupidity events, which was not in my control (I’m laughing right now, but at that moment, 9 years ago, it wasn’t that fun and I wanted to rip the heads away out of every one who was involved in this) and the second time was a trip over Christmas, it was super cold in Prague and people who know me, know that I HATE COLD WEATHER! This time – the third time, I got to experience the real beauty of it. The sunny spring weather, the beautiful streets, the food and the architecture were just beautiful. And I got to spend time with Thuvi, my cousin.

We stayed at the Gorgeous Prague Rooms, which is in the center of the old town.
A beautiful „Appartement Hotel“ and near by were so many nice spots to visit, delicious restaurants and amazing coffee shops. I recommend this a lot! It was just 25 minutes away from the airport and you can use the App BOLTS – similar to the UBER App.

This time I’d recommend Prague if YOU love traditional and delicious food, history and if you love architecture.


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