Monaco & Niece – Taking life one casino at a time

Somewhere between living and dreaming in Monaco and Niece.

After 10 days of hardcore COVID I needed a break and went to Monaco & Niece, in April 2022.
I’ve been to Niece, Cannes and St. Tropez before and Monaco was on my list for a long time, that’s why we took the chance to go. Sometimes you just have to plan and go instead of waiting for better times.

Easter celebrations and food combined in Southfrance = my phone is just full of food and beach pictures.
Since I as sick I couldn’t do a lot of things, my body was still healing and processing the last 2 weeks, so we took it very easy going in Niece and Monaco.

From Niece we took the train to Monaco, which was a 45 minutes ride. Make sure to go in the early morning to avoid a crowded train. It wasn’t the best experience, to be honest.

My top 3 recommendations for THE view in Monaco:

  1. Next to the hotel  „The Maybourne Riviera“ you can have a panoramic view of the skyscrapers of the French Riviera.
  2. Also you have a incredible view from the palace rock. If you visit the Prince’s Palace of the Grimaldi’s, you will see the view aswell.
  3.  Point de vue Port de Fontvieille

As I already told you – the food… ENJOY!

DM for recommendations for good food places.


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