Be the same person inside and outside.

Hello dear followers, readers and supporters. This is a little post from me after seeing a lot of things and hearing everyday about what is happening right now in the world. COVID-19 hit hard – everyone is on the same boat, I didn‘t leave the country since Februar, which is rare for me. But it’s fine if I can save people. It‘s nice to stay at home, calm down and get rest and charge the battery, have enough time for everything else. Nut also the side effects for the economy are no flowers and chocolates. But we will all get through this.

Switzerland is slowly getting back. Even the border are going to be open on the 15th of June. Still.. travelling wont be the same again for at least the next 6 months with all the restrictions. But how glad I‘m to have a roof over my head, not to starve, have clean water & a warm bed and the most important thing – loving people around me.

There are a lot of things happening right now in the world and it is hard to chose the right words since there are more than two topics which are equally important for our society, world and the future for all of us!

The one and only thing I want to tell you is. Live what you feel and think. Being active on Social Media is great. Especially now to educate the people around us but if you don‘t act the way you are in the virtual world there wont be any changes in your surroundings or even with you. It‘ll just stop with you. So please, stand to yours words and live what you post or shut up – don‘t just post it, because everyone else is doing it and you just want to be a part of it. Give the people the platform who know the facts and give them the space to educate you and the others. Thank you.

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