Ximen / Ximending 西門町台北

Step foot in Ximending and you think you’ve been teleported to Japan. That’s why people call Ximen, officially the Ximending Youth Shopping District or the Shinjuku of Taipei.

the entrance into a new world!

Claw machines, bubble tea, lights and fashionable people every where I look!!!

Facts about Ximen, you have to know before visiting it!

  • It’s the place to be for young people
  • It’s the hub of LGBTQ nightlife
  • Ximen means West Gate
  • It was the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan

We decided to go to Ximen because our plan to visit the Sun and moon lake was not working out. We should’ve planed two days instead of one day, so we made the best out of this and went to Ximen and decided to visit it during the day + night, to see the night life as well.

The shops – I thought I’m in paradise

The restaurants – lord, have mercy with me, I loaded myself with too much food.

Diversity – is lived in that city! Which made me really happy, I love it!

Fashion – I felt under dressed! The people in Taiwan clearly have a very very good sense of fashion. How they wear things, it’s just fashionable, I was drooling the whole vacay, by just looking at their fashionable clothes and accessories lol. I totally fell in love with one designer, who is originally from Taiwan. It’s Robin May – I had to buy a bag and a drinking flask and trust me… I regret not buying few things more from that shop, I totally fell in love!!!

Recommendation: If you ever get the chance to visit Ximen, then do it during the day and evening. During day time the streets weren’t full with people, but that changed quickly when evening came. It is more than shops, night life, bubble tea and food! You’ll feel and see it, when you get there..

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xx Jashica


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