Unfiltered Me.

Unfiltered Me.
this is just a reflection you see of myself, of my world and my mind…

As a child I loved to tell everyone about my imagination and fantasies. People were amazed.. I remember how fascinated they were when I told them about how I see the world with my eyes. How beautiful life could be and all this with 7 or 8 years.

I started early with writing, first on those vintage typewriter, oh god.. how I loved this machine.. and years after I saved my little stories and thoughts on floppy discs (90s babies will definitely remember those black floppy discs) or I wrote in different kind of notice books. My mom still has everything in our attic. I was always scared that I’d forget something important of a memory or a moment and it became a habit to write down everything which moved or left an impact on me, and somehow I managed to collect a lot of those floppy discs with my stories and too many boxes of notice books, with all of my writings and thoughts, with good and sad moments, wishes, fears and dreams.

Since then, I truly love to write for people (as you can see with this blog) and give them a feeling of sharing the pureness of passion together this post is just perfect to tell you what I really want. What I mostly learned about passion is, to believe in what you really good at and just try new things out. You can’t lose, you can gain more from those experience and get braver and learn, learn about yourself.

We all start somewhere and being afraid and stepping behind was never an option for me. It’s very important for me to put myself out of my comfort zone and to know my limits – the limits are all in your head, a positive mindset is the key to success and to overcome any fear. This lesson is something I learned in a harsh way when I was younger but it also is the reason where I am today.

Self-confidence and self-love are two of the things you have to learn, if you want to stand out of the line and live your life how you want it and for yourself. It took time to build a healthy confidence and to stand alone against everything and everyone and to tell them what I want in life and especially what I don’t want.
Self-love is the key to build confidence and to feel good in your own body and to accept that being yourself is the best thing, that could happen to you! I mean hey, you are unique and no one can beat that. It wasn’t easy as a teen, when I think about it now, I feel like I built my own cage to protect myself from the world and still did everything to feel life (and get into trouble lol). I was a rebellious kid and it started very early in my teenage (poor mama & papa), but I think this phase helped them as well to grow out of the average and to be open to new things and ideas and different ethics , especially in our community and mostly to trust. I’m glad for this – this phase gave me lessons I’d never take for granted. It showed me who I’m, where I belong and what I want and to say NO if it’s a no for me.

It built me, part by part.

 I loved leaving footprints, everywhere. I wanted the people to remember my stories and me, as a human being, as someone who wasn’t afraid of doing and saying things that other people wouldn’t do or as someone who wrote about things most of the people wouldn’t because it’s morally incorrect, perhaps uncomfortable topics and simply the truth.

In my early teen I wanted to be an author – especially the incidences in Sri Lanka and all over the world, all the stories from my parents, relatives, friends and elder people who barely survived war and how all of them lost lots of beloved ones, because of unstable conditions and politics, I wanted the world to know about those stories, because the truth was never told in the medias, maybe the half or a part but not what really happens… The excitement and the love of knowing and seeing things and write about it at the same time was bigger than my fears.

To write is still a huge part of me, I didn’t let go of the idea of my dream occupation..
I’ll just take my time to focus on myself first, to grow and run after my goals first, and this platform is brilliant to share every step and milestone . My aim is to start writing a book with 30. 
I already have THE story in my mind, I just need the small details, which are coming together like a puzzle – sometimes everything at all like a rain shower and sometimes slowly piece by piece.

The book? It’s about life in a diaspora – the community, the hopeless silent cries and our story. You’ll read more on other posts, but this is the main idea, I’ll combine it with the story of my Mother. A tamil woman between the traditional rules and a western world full of opportunities to be herself.

Mark me,  but the simple truth is, since those topics are critical and to write about the truth has caused a lot of people more trouble than peace (look at few countries in Asia for an example), it’s just more than opening eyes. It’s changing peoples mind and give them substance to think about something and to grow out of their boxes.
To have another perspective of a view.
I think especially because of those topics in my teens, I’m who I’m at the moment and today. it gave me chances to build my own opinion, to build myself and I think this is something precious. To open eyes and to trigger the handle is more than money ever could give.  And to tell people for what I stand for is more than just showing confidence but to be clear with myself and my mind and also with other human beings, that I have an own opinion but I’m open to listen to yours and it’s okay if it’s not the same as mine.

I know that this is a perfect way to change the world, in my opinion, to tell people my stories and let people see the truth, to give them another perspective of yours.

And even if it’s just one person, it’s totally worth it, as long as there is love for what we do.

I hope you can get a little inspired and enjoy what I share with you! 

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2 Kommentare zu „Unfiltered Me.

  1. A great idea my Love. I’m lookin forward to that book;)
    Really, You r right with some of our culture issues, no, their mind sets of some people, who didn’t like that others gonna Be better or bigger or different than their little perfect world which is not the best…jelousy that word gets a really big thing…but last not least it’s everybodys opinion….:)

    Gefällt 1 Person

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