Somewhere over the atlantic ocean

Good morning / good evening

I’m sitting in the plane somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. Between the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone & Porcupine Bank. The outside temperature is -53.3 (so cold..) and the distance to the destination is 2’210km.

It’s 10:53 in Canada and 04:53AM in Switzerland. Listening to the songs of the tamil movie 96 and appreciating the last week, which was magical to me. I feel overwhelmed by my emotions, it was intense and beautiful. I learned a lot & had so much fun. Even people told me I look so happy and health on the pictures.

I always searched for my missing puzzle part, since I know my entire family is abroad and I think I just realized that it was always there. Everytime I travel to Toronto & spend time with them I feel the joy, the happiness & at the same time the sadness, because I know I’ll miss those moments, this joy and especially the love and the feeling of being at home.

Realizing and wanting, these two words would describe my current situation the best.

This is just a randome post, I just wanted to write down my thoughts, since I can’t sleep and think too much about work (going straight to work after I land in Zurich).

I’ll try to relaxe a little bit and get to you in the next few days, after I got my rest and cleaned up everything. A new page in my book is open, let’s see where this goes.

✈️ 🌊 🌙 ⏰ || Thaanaai Yenthan Kaalgal Irandum Undhan Dhisaiyil Nadakkum. Dhooram, Neram, Kaalam Yellaam Suringidumey. Suttrum Boomi Yennai Vittu Thaniyaai Suttri Parakkum.

Vinnaiththaandi varuvaayaa?

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