Wedding in Hannover, Germany

Dear readers xx

If you followed me in Instagram, you definitely know that I went to Hannover for a 1.5 day to celebrate the wedding of Dunya, my friend and former co-worker from the time when I worked in the hospital, in the accounting section, in Lucerne.


When I started in the hospital, I’d never imagine to have a special bound with the girls there. We‘ve known each other from work in the hospital in Lucerne – which was 3-4 years ago, we weren‘t in the same departement, but we always had a great time whenever we saw each other at breaks, lunch or after work. And these girls made my time in Lucerne so special, not with how we treated each other but with their beautiful character and understanding. We were supporting each other whenever and whatever without questions or doubt. It could be heart breaks, dramas, life crisis, too much coffee, less sleep, bad hair days, rainy days, clothes problems, depressing phases or just being us. Celebrating everyone and taking nothing and no one for granted.

Since then I know, those girls will always have a big big place in my heart. I knew we can’t keep the contact like we were used to at work, but we knew the love and respect is honest, innocent and pure. Even if we don‘t talk everyday or see each other in a regular base, it‘s pure love and loyalty which stands for a lifelong connection.


This was on the 27. April 2016, on my last week of work in Lucerne…




This was taken on my 24th Birthday, when my ladies came from Lucerne to Bern for my birthday apero.

Okay, let’s go back to the actual blog post, I just had to tell you this little occurrence, since it means a lot to me and I love to share beautiful memories with people.

So.. okay, Dunya, my friend, invited us (the group from the hospital, in Lucerne) to Hannover, to celebrate her wedding with her soulmate Omar.
It was a Lebanese-Egyptian wedding, and you know how much I love different cultures and manners. I was totally fascinated from the whole ceremony of how the groom enters the hall with a group of dancers and then how my friend entered the hall with her dad by her side. All the dancing, laughter, tears and joy – it just reminded me of my family back in Canada, how precious those moments are.

This picture was right after we reunited in the early morning, after I checked in the hotel. These two lovelies came with the plane a night before.

We only had one day for ourselfs to talk, to relax and to get ready for the wedding. What we did was to have a good breakfast near the hotel and then explore the city a little bit, before we went to the hotel to get ready.

This was my look for my friend wedding. A dress from „Paperdoll UK“, curly hair and makeup.

okay.. how can I deny that I didn’t like the look. I loved it!

Can you feel the LOVE?!


Hugs are always a good idea at weddings

I just adore this video.

It was just beautiful, I can’t describe how cool this experience was to see and feel the Lebanese and Egyptian fusion. I’m still amazed by all the dances, rituals and manners.

So yea it was a short stay, but beautiful. With lots of laughter, love and happiness.
It broke my heart, when I had to leave on Sunday morning at 8AM and to say goodbye to my ladies.

How did I go Hannover and came back?
What I did was, I booked the flixbus few days before, which was a night ride, 10 hours from Zurich to Hildesheim, in Hannover. It was okay for me, since I had work till 6PM and then I went directly to the bus station to get the bus. I slept few hours during the ride and the rest I was listening to music and thinking about life lol.
To come back I booked a 1st class train ride with the DB, which took 5 hours and then the 1st class ticket from Basel to Zurich, TRUST ME this one was the best decision I took.. so comfy and peaceful after a short weekend and lots of traveling around.


I’m so glad I could make it to the wedding and especially to see how Dunya start a new life with her love, Omar, in Hildesheim, Germany. Can you believe that I’m still smirking because of this event? It just made my heart beat faster and gave me an experience I don’t want to lose.



A message to Duny and my ladies.
If you read this, know that I love you really a lot and I’m so glad to know you.
Hope to see you soon, asap (this spring, LOL). Much Love, your Jashi xoxo

My ladies! Much LOVE // xo





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