Sick days & bedrest

Good morning readers

I finally got some energy to write what I wanted to write the past 5 days.

I’m stuck in bed since last Monday, somehow I managed to get a virus, which is affecting my liver, spleen and tonsils, which makes my life so hard at the moment. If you follow me in Instagram, you know that I got sick after I came back from Berlin, which was end of January, and it didn’t get better since then. In the beginning I thought it’s just a simple cold with a bad cough or a throat infection, since it was so swollen and I didn’t go to the doctor to check my blood – clearly my fault.. it got worse week after week.

I’m just not used to that, to sit and lay in bed and just do nothing AND RELAX…
These five days went by so fast, I just realized it is Friday, and I’m so upset, I did nothing. I couldn’t read a book, because I couldn’t focus on the letters. No netflix in the first three days, I would stop after 30 Minutes but I think it is also my fault this happened.. I didn’t take good care of myself, since I moved out and one day my body had to refuse and unfortunately that one day had to be last Monday.

The next steps are clear from now on:

  • get back to health
  • definitley eat proper food
  • drink enough
  • the most important thing, do sports


Since I don’t know when I’m fit again, I’ll search just for an indoor swimming pool and maybe Yoga or Pilates. So I can start as soon as I’m back to my health.

What made me smile the past days were definitley my friends and family member. I’m overwhelmed how much they ensure my health and how much love they were pouring into me so I wont feel bad or alone in Zurich. I didn’t want them to come to visit me or take me back to Bern, since the doctor said it’s very contagious. I even took a huge distance from my flatmates these days – so they don’t have to experience the same as I’m doing right now.

The next few posts will be from my previous trips in Europe. I thought about rewriting the trips from 2017/2018 which got deleted in my old blog.
And since I got time now and nothing to do than sitting/lay around in my bed, I could do something, which is brightening up my mood and hopefully yours too.

Keep yourself warm and be safe.
xo Jashi


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