My Heritage – DNA

This is my experience with the DNA-Kit and how it brought a bunch of people into my life.

Be aware, that every person experiences this differently. I got lucky to find someone through this ancestry-test, and how the DNA showed us its power.We got too many similarities and preferences; this is so shocking and unbelievable. We even have similarities in our character and how we talk– which is scary sometimes. The same ego, even behaving when we are mad or even the laugh is similar. It’s  just that dubious and implausible, but other explanations would sound like a myth or even a good Tamil movie story.

A short explanation for those who don’t know DNA.
As you know, the clearest definition for DNA is, it contains information about a human – short, it is who we are. The height, hair colour, eye colour, skin toe, blood group and other characteristics. Those characteristics are inherited from our parents.

Few months ago I decided to order the DNA-Kit from My Heritage – Genealogy is another word to describe this topic. A salvia test to analyse your DNA. I always wanted to know about my origin and more about our family history. More or less, we have a wide knowledge about our ancestors. I am in the 4. Generation from Arumugham Saamy. That means, we have the knowledge and lifestory from my Moms grand-grandfather. Which has a very interesting story. I will write about HIM in an other post, but this takes time and lot of story analyzing with my mom & the family. I don’t want to just write about it, it is a very special case to me, since I’m really into ancestry. I will definitley do it in the beginning of the new year 2019 – be patient. But one thing I can tell you is, this man, Arumugham – has brought lots of family members into my life, which is a huge blessing! I will always cherish this DNA, all the connections it comes with.

I’ll write more about the whole DNA-Test in detail, I’m planing on doing another one with blood, to fully understand my ancestry, this was just a little introduction in this topic and a reminder for myself to not let go the idea of writing the things I love and I’m fully interested in. I got lots of  unfinished word documents with too many thoughts about the whole thing. I even read books and saw documentaries about families finding each other, thanks to a simple DNA-Test.

„Our DNA is like a genie in a bottle, except they are genes in our body, connected to the unified field of the universe. They react to our thoughts to make our wishes a reality by attracting people, things and experiences which we desire & think about most“

Do you have a similar story?
Let the world know about your story, I think people who are searching for someone, will find the missing person, in the end… so don’t give up.


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